Deep Sea Deals Hit Casino Titan for Dec. 2014

Published : Sat. Dec. 06, 2014

When you go deep under the sea, sound has a really hard time traveling far, and you end up with a very silent environment. Some people go out looking for sunken ships to loot treasure that might be found in the deep sea environment, but Casino Titan is giving you a chance to get your own underwater payouts thanks to a set of great promo codes.

It starts with the SILENT coupon offer. Deposit $85 or more with this offer for a 290 percent match bonus for playing slots. You can use this deal once daily. Then there's the DEEPSEA code which requires a deposit of at least $150 for a 330 percent match. This one can be used twice daily, and if you happen to use it twice in the same day, then you'll be given a 100 percent cashback reward on the higher of the two deposits. Getting value in two different ways guarantees that you'll bring in some major league deep sea treasures for your account balance.

The cashback reward is worth up to a maximum of $500 each day, and you'll need to go into the live chat support option to ask for it to be added to your account once you qualify for it. These deals run through midnight of December 11, 2014. There's a 25x wagering requirement on the sum of the bonus and the deposit for these offers, and you'll be allowed to play bingo, keno and scratch cards in addition to slots to clear this play-through.

The thing about Casino Titan's deals is that they are designed in a way to give different players optimal amounts of value. Because this set of promotions is set up for players who want to deposit different amounts, you're going to be in great shape no matter what stakes you play. With over 120 games, including a total of 70+ slots, there's no reason why you'll ever worry about running out of great titles to try with this set of bonuses. Overall, you'll be on your own deep sea adventure as you pump up your account and maximize your chances of coming out on top in your favorite games.