Eight Slots Special Offers to Kick Off 2014

Published : Sun. Jan. 05, 2014

Casino Titan is wasting no time getting players started off on the right foot this year. They have eight different special offers for slots players available this weekend and on into the following week. Deposit a minimum of $21 with the TRUE197 promotional code to get 197 percent added to your deposit with a special small stakes reload offer. If you want to make your deposit $50 or more, then use the TRUE215 code instead because it will allow you to bump your bonus up to the 215 percent level. Make it just slightly more with a deposit of $80 and up with the TRUEBB promo code to get a 240 percent reload paired with 10 free spins on the Builder Beaver video slot.

That's not all that's available for slots players. Deposits of $100 or more can get a 255 percent offer with the TRUE255 promo code, or you can put up at least $150 to get 300 percent and 15 free spins on the popular Achilles game when you use the TRUEAC code. We're starting to get into high stakes territory with the TRUE340 code since that gets you 340 percent when you deposit $250 or more, or you can put up a minimum of $450 with TRUE360 to get 360 percent instead. The highest level code available this week is TRUEHL because you'll get 400 percent with 25 free spins on Hillbillies when you deposit at the $600 minimum level or higher.

If you aren't interested in slots, then you can still get paid with Casino Titan's table games deals for this week. Use the DREAM1 promo code with a deposit of $21 and up to get 118 percent. Your match bonus becomes 160 percent with the DREAM2 code when you deposit a minimum of $100. Make it $250 and up to get 235 percent with DREAM3, or boost your deposit of $400 or more by 270 percent with the DREAM4 promotional code.

These Casino Titan special offers last until January 9. On top of all of these deals, you can get $50 cashback for every $150 total that you put in with deposits over a 24-hour period. Just get in touch with the support team, and they will add the cashback reward directly to your account once you qualify.