Casino Winners in February

Published : Wed. Mar. 06, 2013

The excitement of winning a huge jackpot is one of the best feelings and when a player sees that winning hand or a perfect symbol combination, there's nothing like it. Casino Titan loves to see their players succeed and take home huge winnings. While last month saw many players walk away with some major wins, there were a few that really hit the jackpot and deserve recognition.

Casino Titan would like to acknowledge the accomplishments of a few special players. Congratulations to Jay C, James J. and Ho Y. and their incredible wins! Beginning with Jay, from the United States, Jay has been playing with Casino Titan USA from the beginning and last month took home an amazing jackpot. Spreading his bets around from game to game, he started with a few quick wins but once he focused on "Count Spectacular" he hit a tremendous win of $25,617!

Secondly there is James, another veteran player who last month landed an amazing win of $17,304 playing "Aladdin's Wishes". James hit the ground running and after placing just a few small bets quickly got on a hot streak that ended up bringing him some serious winnings. It turns out that by playing "Aladdin's Wishes" granted James some wishes of his own.

A rather new player to the casino, Ho Y. hit a series of big wins playing multiple games but it wasn't until he began playing "Naughty or Nice" that the winnings started pouring in. Coming out strong with a handful of high bets Ho picked up a five solid wins in a row only to continue with a ten win winning streak that earned him an outstanding total of $23,582. Seems as the though playing "Naughty or Nice" earned him a spot on the "nice" list, way to go!

Once again, congratulations to all our big winners this last month and to the rest of our players. As you can see playing with the Titans has its rewards! Maybe you'll be our next big winner!